What to Expect for Your First Visit

  • Consultations are scheduled for 60 minutes. This time is used to obtain a verbal history, perform a physical examination, and determine a plan of treatment.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than appointment time with consultation forms completed or arrive 30 minutes early if forms are not completed and ready
  • Bring a physician’s order for physical therapy, which should be obtained from your doctor prior to PT consult
  • Bring or have your doctor’s office fax us your last visit’s notes along with any and all pertinent imaging study reports
  • Wear athletic, loose-fitting clothing to allow the physical therapist to see and assess areas where you hurt or are impaired. You do not need a swimsuit for your first visit.
  • Upon completion of your consultation, we will schedule you for follow up visits on a consistent basis based on your clinical assessment
  • Follow up appointments are commonly scheduled for 60 minutes and are usually one-on-one sessions with a therapist