Onsite Physical Therapy during COVID-19

COVID-19 Onsite Aquatic:Physical Therapy Information

LAST UPDATE 5/13/2020

When is pool therapy available?

Regular Office hours Mon-Thurs 8 am-5 pm
Available patient appointment times may be extended from regular office hours based on need.

How are physical therapy visits being handled during this period?

Staff and patients are screened prior to being permitted to enter the facility
– This includes temperature, symptom screening, and travel/contact history
Only one patient is permitted in the pool at a time
– No simultaneous use of the pool is allowed between or among patients
– No independent pool exercisers are allowed access to the pool
– We expect this to increase to 2 pool users at a time in May
Facilities, restrooms, and equipment are frequently and thoroughly sanitized
Therapists are maintaining distance and protecting patients per CDC guidelines
– Any therapist to patient contact is performed by necessity only and with proper protective equipment
Patients are given the option to connect to our therapists from home via Telehealth on a phone or computer. See “Telehealth” for more information