Pool Access For Pool Pass Users During COVID-19

COVID 19 Pool Access For Pool Pass Users

Updated 5/20/2020


Pool will be open to independent pool exercise starting June 1!


The following restrictions and guidelines will be put into place in order to continue to adhere to COVID safety precautions including social distancing in the pool and in the locker rooms:


  1. Access will be by scheduled appointment only. No walk-in access will be permitted.
  2. Times will be available on the hour Mon-Thurs.
  3. Fridays availability will be determined by our staff on a week-by-week basis. When available, Fridays will have appointments offered every half-hour.
  4. Access is restricted to 60 minutes for each individual. No more than 4 persons (including therapy patients and exercisers) may be in the pool at any given time.
  5. No group classes or gatherings will be offered until further notice.
  6. Cost is $25/month or $5/day.
  7. All participants will be required to be screened for COVID symptoms, including temperature check prior to entering the building and then wash hands immediately upon entry
  8. All participants must take a cleansing shower prior to entering the pool, no exceptions
  9. All participants are expected to dispose of any used towel-mats and sanitize their areas of contact in the locker room including benches, shower, grab bars, toilet, and sink.
  10. Access to the pool and all rules and guidelines pertaining to it are subject to change as government and health dept updates are provided.

We continue to invite those who have any source of pain, movement restrictions, weakness, or imbalance to consider participating in aquatic physical therapy. For more information, please call our office: 801-568-4203