Watsu is a form of passive aquatic bodywork that is used as a part of physical rehabilitation and total body relaxation in a soothing warm water environment. It involves a series of yoga-like stretches, massage, and shiatsu techniques performed by a certified therapist in a graceful dance-like sequence of movements. The patient/client’s head is supported above the water surface while being cradled, rocked, and floated by the therapist.  Those who experience Watsu often report significant pain relief, freedom of movement, reduced stress, and a broader sense of physical rest and mental alertness.  Watsu is not only appropriate for many physical impairments but also for mental and emotional health. Call for information.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy is the skilled practice of physical therapy in water. This includes more than just a prescription of aquatic exercises; it also includes specialized aquatic treatments and manual techniques performed by a physical therapist in the water with the patient. These may be performed with patients standing, supported and floating on their backs, or even comfortably seated in our warm water pool. Our knowledge and skill in this area further separate us from any other aquatic therapy in Utah. And for current patients, we offer free independent use of our pool facilities for homework exercises at any time during non-appointment days.

Why Aquatic Physical Therapy?

The physiological properties of water at bath temperatures help reduce pain, improve movement quality, strengthen weak muscles, and even train balance and coordination. Warm water soothes and relaxes muscular tension and reduces the effects of stress on the body. Studies show that even memory, mood, and attention can be improved in water.

Special Aquatic Treatment Methods:

  • Halliwick
  • Bad Ragaz Ring Method
  • Ai Chi
  • Watsu
  • AquaStretch
  • Wassertanzen
  • Peyow Aqua Pilates
  • Aqua Yoga

Traditional Physical Therapy

Traditional Physical Therapy methods have been well researched and proven effective for a large variety of impairments. These methods include hands-on techniques, modalities, and prescribed rehabilitative exercises tailored to each patient’s needs. We offer the traditional, evidence-based practice methods, specialized Pilates exercise equipment, and the unique opportunity to provide Aquatic Physical Therapy in our own facility.

Traditional Physical Therapy Treatment Methods:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Cold laser
  • Diathermy
  • Massage
  • Joint mobilization
  • Land-based prescribed exercise