Telehealth Physical Therapy From Home During COVID-19

COVID 19 Telehealth Physical Therapy From Home

Last Update 5/13/2020

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth is a live video appointment where you connect with us remotely using technology from home such as a telephone or computer.

What can the therapist do for me if we are not meeting in person?

Therapists will address and help you manage your symptoms, create home remedies for your impairments, ensure you are set up with a proper home exercise program, modify your home program, and progress your home program – much like we would do in person.

Therapists can also use video to analyze, correct, and modify movements, exercises, functional activities, and even address obstacles or issues at home that may be otherwise unknown or difficult for you to describe to us.

How does Telehealth work? What do I do?

We will schedule a telehealth therapy appointment time with you. You will then get an email or text with a website link that connects you to us through a secure online healthcare site. Click on it, and we will be there with you on your device!

  • You do NOT have to set up an account and no personal information is saved or exchanged.

Is this considered a real physical therapy visit? Does my insurance pay for it?

Yes, Telehealth physical therapy is considered “real” physical therapy and it is covered by most insurances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Unfortunately, Medicare has not yet authorized Telehealth physical therapy services
  • Many insurances are waiving copayments and deductibles for Telehealth physical therapy during the COVID-19 period. Please call us for more details.

For more information on Telehealth therapy, please call our office: 801-568-4203.