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I had a total knee replacement last December. The surgery went well, but my rehab didn’t. In 4 weeks I made little improvement and had a lot of pain. So I switched to Sandy Rehab & Aquatics, where Brian Terry and his staff have made my life good again. I have a lot less pain, and a lot more movement now. I can also walk and get around again. I would recommend them to anyone who has any kind of joint surgery, as well as anyone who just has a hard time moving or exercising. Thank you Brian for making life good for me again!
~ Sincerely, Dave

I’ve been taking Aquatic aerobics classes for about 11 months. Three times a week. They are fun, relaxing, and restorative. They help with weight loss/maintenance.
Sherri, the instructor, is fantastic to work with. She has the perfect temperament to teach and instruct the classes.
Best decision I’ve made for myself in years!!
~ Judy

I attend three classes a week. Each class provides exercise that focuses on relaxation and balance, or cardio, or a combination of stimulus. I so enjoy our instructor Sherry who is certified to teach so you won’t hurt yourself, is also so nice. If you are interested in your health and want to have fun giving body and soul what you need, do come. Sandy Aquatics is an outstanding facility. After your first class you won’t want to miss a class ever.
~ Jane

First, this is the only testimonial about anything I have ever posted..

I was very skeptical when I was first referred by Marcy Rowley to do water therapy. I agreed to give it a try because I was impressed when I went in and first met with Brian, Bobbi and Kriss.

I have struggled with eczema and was convinced the chlorine in the pool would only make this condition worse. I also went to a chiropractor weekly for chronic lower back pain and was convinced this water therapy would do little to help this.

Wow, was I ever wrong! My eczema has never flared up and my lower back pain has nearly disappeared. I now see a chiropractor once a month, if that often.

I love going and actually look forward to it. My energy, strength and overall health have benefited from this experience.

I also love the staff and the the patients. They are all friendly, kind and simply beautiful people. I have worked mostly worked with Jessica. A dedicated and ever so patient therapist.

overall, I am amazed. And feel ever so blessed to have found a Healing Environment called Sandy Therapy and Aquatics.
~ Bob

I attend an arthritis class at 8 every Mon-Wed-Fri. I have attended many of the other classes but this is my favorite. It’s gentle but works almost every part of the body, including stretching and balance. Our leader, Maria, will be 97 in March. She has led the arthritis class for over 20 years. She still lives alone and drives herself to the center. She is a living testament to the power of water exercise!
~ Sherri

This is the 3rd time I have come to Sandy Therapy. First for a right knee replacement. Totally happy with how the land therapy went. So the 2nd time I went in to get help with my shinking back. They helped alot. The 3rd time is because I have had my left knee total done. The therapy is going very well. Very personel help. Thank YOU.
~ Julia

“I was recommended to Sandy Physical Therapy and Aquatic by my Dr. two years ago because I had cracked my pelvis in 5 places. I had an amazing experience. within 3 months I could walk again without pain.
I have returned to SPT&A again for my back and balance. This time I’m not stopping. I am totally off all pain medications and back to a normal life.
I also have met so many wonderful people who are also working out and the therapist are so friendly and caring. They have become friends too.”
~ Teresa

“I have had several surgeries in the past few years but after my recent knee surgery and while recuperating from a compression fracture, I received a referral from my Dr. to the therapy pool. The recuperating time has been significantly reduced in comparison to previous healing experiences and I believe it is because of the spa pool and what I can accomplish with each session in the warm environment. I appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere at the site and mostly grateful for the improvement I have made in such a short time.”
~ Lucinda

“After having a back fusion from surgery I requested my Doctor send me to Sandy Physical Therapy & Aquatic because I previously had a great experience.
When I started therapy this time I had a weak back with pain and could hardly walk, after a few weeks my back got stronger and the pain left me then I started walking normal with a much stronger balance. Doing therapy in warm water was a great experience that I highly recommend. They challenge you for the most without causing any additional pain.
Two years prior when I had a knee replacement Brian done wonders relieving my pain and getting full motion from my leg.
I strongly recommend Sandy Physical Therapy & Aquatics, they have a friendly staff and it was great working with therapist Brian & Jessica..
The very best place for therapy.”
~ Vern

“Water therapy is the best therapy I have ever received. It helps your joints and body to be weightless and encourages you to exercise. The pool is nice and warm which also helps you exercises better. The staff is wonderful and very professional. They treat you with kindness and respect. I have been help a thousand fold by doing therapy in the water. It has prepared me for hip replacement and made my recovery better and faster. I cannot say enough good things about the program or the staff. They also offer extra exercise classes that also help keep you motivated. I LOVE SANDY PHSICAL THERAPY AND AQUATICS!!!!”
~ Heidi

“The bottom line, if you don’t have time to read further, is, I really like this place. The first thing everyone comments on is that it is WARM. 96 degrees is the target. Most (but not all) of the people using this pool are also getting physical therapy there or have other pain issues so the warmth is a huge draw. The pool is also very well maintained and clean. There is also a wide variety of “toys” that enhance physical therapy or are just fun to use. And there are evening classes in zumba, ai chi, and pilates. Even though this is not a lap pool, it has a lot to offer and is reasonably priced.”
~ Marjorie

“I participate in 3 of the different classes, Ahi Chi, Pilates, and Aqua Fit. I enjoy each and everyone of my classes. There are two different instructors and both of them are very into helping you with instructing you on how the exercise should be done to give you the best benefit without the strain.”
~ Karen

“I started working with Brian a little over 3 months ago after a full shoulder replacement and then another follow up surgery. When I started I could not raise my arm from my side due to months of being in a sling and atrophy. He gets in the pool with me each week to work on strength and flexibility. He has me working my shoulder hard but is always concerned with the pain levels and how I am feeling. I am now able to raise my arm above my head – thats a big deal!! Jessica and Kami are also great and have also helped out. I would recommend these therapists and this facility to anyone!”  
~ Lisa

“I have been very happy w the opportunity to work out independently I at this pool. After I had Aquatics therapy at another facility I became frustrated by distance, cost and convenience there. I didn’t want to waste my money, time or gas. When I came here I found a much smaller pool, but the staff was so accommodating and helped me adjust my workout wonderfully to the smaller pool. I loved that. It was half the distance of the previous facility, the costs were so reasonable, and best of all, I didn’t have to make appointments to work out. I love that I pay for visits, not months. So, even though the pool is small I don’t care. The staff continues to help if any exercise needs adjusting and make helpful suggestions, if I ask, for a more effective workout. It’s a keeper!”  
~ Nedra

“I have tried many means to give relief to my back pain (stenosis, ruptured disks and scoliosis). My past experience included decompression, stimulation, and injections. Nothing has made me feel as good as the water therapy at Sandy Aquatics. I feel stronger through my core, and the warm water gives so much relief as well as strengthening. It is a pleasant was to have therapy, and to have a therapist trained in water skills is a big advantage. Everyone I have worked with, and even other patients, have given me hope that my pain can be relieved.
As soon as my knee is healed, I will be back for more water therapy with Brian.”
~ Jean

“In the spring of 2016,I fell and injured my lower back. My orthopedic physician referred to Sandy Aquatic therapy. It was a great experience, Brian and Jessica are very professional,but kind and understanding of what you are going through. All the staff are warm and friendly,greeting you with smiles and genuine interest. The warm water allowed me to move much easier and exercise more than I could have on my own.Brian started me on simple movements and we worked up until I was able to do most anything.It was the best thing that I could have done for myself. I would recommend Sandy Aquatics to anyone who finds it difficult to exercise or has an injury or surgery that needs therapy.”
~ Dian

“With five herniated discs I was referred to Sandy Aquatics for water physical therapy in their pool. Prior to therapy I was having difficulty walking, standing, sitting, or lying down. Brian Terry, DPT & Director was very thorough with reviewing my MRI results & evaluating what therapy my body could handle without creating more pain or damage. My pain level was very high before I began. After three months of water therapy I am pretty much pain free. I will need to continue water therapy and this surely beats the alternative of surgery. It is a great form of healing. In addition to Brian the staff of Bobbie, Jessica, & Chris have been very knowledgeable and helpful. I am grateful to them and my doctor for referring me to them.”
~ Helen

“The Sandy Aquatics Center has been a great experience for me.  The people who run the center are there to help and are very  aware of each individual and their needs.

Jessica is very well trained.  She gives 100% to each person and expects the same.  It’s not easy to do all the exercise, I go home tired, but feel like I have accomplished something.  I look forward to going back each time.

The people who work at the center Brian, Bobbi, Jessica always say hello and ask how you are, sincerely.  The patrons are the best.  I tell a lot of people about the aquatics center.  My doctors like the results they are seeing and tell me to keep up the good work.” 
~ Gwen

“In late August 2015 I suffered a lower back injury and was referred by my son-in-law to Sandy Physical Therapy and Aquatics. Over a period of a little less than three months I underwent treatments under the direction of Brian Terry. Not only were my treatments successful in eliminating my pain, but they were successful in restoring my flexibility and strength. Brian, Jessica, and Bobbie were always helpful in enabling each visit to their facility to be a pleasant one. Brian challenged me in each session with additional exercises that had the effect of bringing me back to my normal strength and comfort.  I always found the facilities to be clean and well-organized.
Bobbie was helpful in handling insurance matters in a seamless manner, and in scheduling me according to my needs.
I am grateful for the help I received, and would not hesitate to return to them should the need arise.”
~ Alan

“I am a spouse of a client and have seen a positive transformation in her health and well being. She had physical therapy on land and it helped, but being in the pool was substantially better. She has more mobility and strength than a few months ago. The staff are amazing people. They are easy to talk to and offer detailed knowledge on what would be the best approach for treatment. They have gone out of their way to accommodate all our needs and have sent equipment home for extra PT. I was able to get into the pool with my spouse and help her through her routine. As long as she was in the pool, I was welcome to do a little PT of my own! The location is convient just being off of I-15 and 90th South. It’s easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. The staff is very vigilant to make sure the pool is maintained and clean and equipment is readily available. There is no doubt in my mind that Sandy Aquatics is the best place in the Salt Lake valley for physical therapy. I highly recommend them for anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain.”
~ DeAnna

“I will sound as though I am gushing, but participating in pool physical therapy (for fibromyalgia) at Sandy Physical Therapy and Aquatics has given me the means to get my life back. From the first and second sessions when I cried in the changing room because I felt so discouraged to graduation today, I’ve been given personal attention and expertise from the whole staff. I’ve been snowshoeing after not being able for two years. My joints have calmed down in their screaming to either nothing or periodic.

Since high school, I’ve been in land PT for one thing or another and while I was compliant, I was BORED out of my mind. Not the case with pool therapy. THEY HAVE POOL TOYS as part of the protocols. They switch it up and around as the client presents that day. The hour ZOOMS by.

I cannot recommend Sandy Physical Therapy and Aquatics enough. You like water? You need PT? This is an excellent choice. Play your way to health.”
~ Kathleen

“I loved my therapy at Sandy Aquatic Center.  The pool was wonderfully warm and soothing. The staff was profesional and compassionate.  My fellow patients and I formed a close bond with each other and the staff. I was sorry to leave at the end of my therapy. I will return to Sandy if I need their kind of therapy again.
~ Mary Gail

“I had been to Sandy Rehab before, but my experience was quite different. The addition of Brian Terry, as Director and DPT, has made a monumental impact on the Outpatient clinic. It is now a very welcoming and tranquil setting- primarily due to his recent remodel of the whole clinic.

The therapy itself has also dramatically improved. I have had therapy several other times, but this time was different. In prior PT settings, I felt like a number. I would see the Physical Therapist for the evaluation, and then be handed off to other assistants and aids, spending a lot of time by myself in a room waiting for timers to go off. It was not personalized and I found myself highly unmotivated to do exercises at home and follow up on what I had been doing; however, Brian is well spoken, well educated, charismatic, and has an ability to give everyone his full attention. I was impressed that he got in the water with me and really spent some time showing me the exercises.  He pays close attention to form and makes sure you are getting the most out of each exercise. He pushes some, listens and modifies exercises based on what patients need, and truly cares about everyone he treats with a unique and creative approach.

I cannot say enough about the impact Sandy Outpatient, the pool, and Brian Terry have had on my life. I have lost 100 pounds so far and have gained a healthier lifestyle, and feel so much better. The differences in my original injury, past injuries, psyche, self confidence, and fitness level are immeasurable. I have less stress and am able to perform at a higher level in all aspects of my life. Try the pool! You won’t regret it.”
~ Janna

“When I first started my physical therapy I was unable to stand for longer than five minutes, I needed assistance to walk, and I couldn’t independently accomplish simple daily tasks like driving or putting on my shoes. Aquatic therapy helped with the pain of physical therapy while reducing my fear of falling while trying to regain the use of my legs and back. The activities in the pool were effective and fun, taking my mind off my pain while relaxing me as well. I have recommended Sandy Physical Therapy and Aquatics to friends and family and highly recommend them for anyone seeking rehabilitation for illness or injury.”
~ Kat

“Sandy Aquatics is an important part of my life. I use a walker so it helps that there is easy access to the pool. I attend the arthritis class from8 to 9 a.m. on MWF but I have also been a PT client. I look forward to being in the warm water. It both supports and resists so that I can get the benefits of exercise without pain. The staff is great! Bryan is not just an outstanding physical therapist–he is creative, too. He dreams up exercises that challenge us and are fun at the same time. He once told me to try swimming sideways in a circle. I didn’t think I could do it but I could!”
~ Sherri

“I have been coming to the Water Therapy for about two months now. I have stenosis in my back. I have gone to Physical Therapy several times and soon lost interest. Not so with this program. The warmth of the water and the way it supports you during your therapy makes it wonderful. Brian is amazing and keeps challenging you to improve. I can climb stairs, walk my dog for blocks, and sleep the night without pain. I have even cut back on my pain meds. I have even encouraged two of my friends to come and try it.

Everyone here is wonderful!! I haven’t felt this good for several years!! I highly recommend it!!”
~ Loyce

“I have started my Physical Therapy 1st part of September 2015. When I first came in I could barely walk without help, couldn’t stand or sit. I was in pain 24/7. I am working with Brian and Jessica and have made incredible progress since then. Every week I have 2 sessions with Brian and rest of the week I come to the pool and work out on my own. I can walk, sit and stand on my own for long periods of time now. It is amazing what the therapy did for me in about 2 months.
Facility is nice, employees from therapists to the front desk are always smiling, very helpful and friendly. They are trying to make the patients welcome and happy to be there, they truly care. Thank you everyone!”
~ Otmar

“I had 3 level fusion back surgery April 23 2015. I came to Sandy Aquatics about 2 months ago. This water therapy has made me stronger, more flexible, and better balanced. I have a nice outlook on life. And I smile more. For me, the water heals not only the body, but the mind and spirit. I go everyday either to a group class or just myself. There’s always someone to talk to. The staff is professional and caring. The facility is well managed.
Ive learned the community of users of this therapy are joined in a common goal, getting better using this exceptional water program. Thank you for a great experience.”
~ LeAnn 

“I broke my upper arm in three places in May and had to keep it immobile for 6 weeks to avoid surgery. After a month of therapy at home my Dr. sent me to Brian. He was so knowledgeable about what needed to be done to get me healthy again I could not have asked for a better therapist. He pushed me to do things I did not think I could do. I leave here today with 100% range of motion and feeling stronger and better each day. The warm water soothed my aches and helped me accomplish my goal. THANKS BRIAN!!!”
~ April 

“Sandy Aquatics has been a life-saver for me! I suffer from diabetic neuropathy in my feet, and pool therapy has made a big difference to me. Brian has taken great care to determine the therapy that is most beneficial. I have seen him do the same for all of his patients. To top it off the water temperature is perfect for anyone with aches and pains.”
~ Dennis 

“I love Sandy Aquatics! My husband has been doing therapy here for about 3 years and about a year and half ago, I started attending the Wednesday class at 5:00 pm. It is a fantastic workout. I look forward to it every week. I also use the pool for independent exercise. The water temperature is great for my arthritis, and there are various pieces of equipment that improve my workout. I’m so glad that a place like this is available to me!”
~ Kathy