Watsu is a form of passive aquatic bodywork that is used as a part of physical rehabilitation and total body relaxation in a soothing warm water environment. It involves a series of yoga-like stretches, massage, and shiatsu techniques performed by a certified therapist in a graceful dance-like sequence of movements. The patient/client’s head is supported above the water surface while being cradled, rocked, and floated by the therapist.  Those who experience Watsu often report significant pain relief, freedom of movement, reduced stress, and a broader sense of physical rest and mental alertness.  Watsu is not only appropriate for many physical impairments, but also for mental and emotional health.

We are fortunate to partner with Lori Clayton, who is a certified Watsu Practitioner and offers independent 1 hour Watsu sessions separate from aquatic physical therapy.  Call for information.